Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Tuesdays! And a Bonus Recipe for Protein Mango Smoothie

Hello everyone!

I am super late with this Tuesday post! I still have a few minutes of Tuesday left on the East Coast at least!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a late Psychology class and I am so tired on Wednesdays and Fridays. Last night after class I cooked a bunch of homemade sausage(I made these on Friday night and froze them) for easy breakfast for the rest of the week, I did my workouts, got the kids stuff ready for school, and did other little things around the house. I was super tired by the time I was done at 1am!

This morning I woke up, packed the kids' lunches, threw on some booty shorts and a sweatshirt ha!

My goal was to finish Week 4 Day 2 of my Couch to 10K run! I can't do it tonight as my husband is working the late shift. The kids and I (only my oldest 2) walked to school and then I went for a run. I started pretty well and then I started getting really hot. Damn sweatshirt. I wanted to take it off (i had a regular workout shirt underneath), but I didn't want to carry it. According to my RunKeeper App I burned more calories today than I have on any run I've done so far this year. I was a sweaty mess when I was done, and I was so happy to be done! But as I made my smoothie, I was so happy that I did run though I was dressed the part I didn't feel the part.

I prepped some dinner, made breakfast for my youngest, made/drank my smoothie and then took a nice nap.

That's why I am so late with the post. It's already Wednesday afternoon here, I usually do the daily posts the day after (here).

So let me share with you all a quickie recipe for the protein Mango Smoothie I made today! It's soooo good!

Serves 2
I didn't really measure so I guessing based off feel here LOL. I did take a picture of the ingredients in the blender so that kind of helps me get a feel.
3/4 cup frozen mangoes
1/3 cup cottage cheese
1/3 cup or one container of vanilla greek yogurt like chobani or yoplait
about 1/2-3/4 cup coconut milk
and a splash of vanilla extract

It's so good and filling!!!! Try it after your workout or breakfast….lunch…dinner

Have a great day!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#MakeupMondays #Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick! Plus quick demo!

Hello everyone welcome to a very late Makeup Mondays! So as you read in my last blog, my time is short these days. I'm back in school full-time and back on my exercise routine on top of EVERYTHING else that goes on! 

I had a coupon for this Maybelline Fit Me Stick Shine Free Foundation, I've heard RAVE reviews about this product, so I decided to try it. Especially as I had a coupon for it. BTW, there are SO many great coupons for drug store make-up! OMG. I am a make-up junkie, so me AND my husband are happy about that lol.

Anyway, I bought the Toffee/Caramel number 330 and it matches my skin color perfectly! It applies super smooth and has a nice satin finish and feels so light almost like "second skin". I love this foundation so much. 

It's only .32oz about .68oz less than your normal liquid foundation, however you don't need to roll this stuff all over your face.  This product normally cost $8.99 according to the site.

I like to use it in areas of my face where the skin color is off from blemishes. The coverage is phenomenal and a little really goes a long way. It doesn't look cake or like you have any make up on at all. The coverage is about medium but it's certainly build-able (you're able to layer it on) if you need to.

Before! Excuse my hair I put it up in a ponytail  :-)

Applying.  I just dot it on and blend with my fingers!

If you want to just quickly even your skin tone and run out the door, this product is perfect. It leaves a perfect skin finish. Now powder needed. I've noticed after maybe 6 hours I may have to retouch on blemishes, but this item is perfect to carry around in your purse and not have to worry about liquid or powder foundation spilling all over the place! I hate that! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

IC Olive Styling Gel Quick Review

Hello everyone! Life is super busy lately. Between family life, school, and working out, my hair is what I want to spend the least time on. So I've opted for wash and goes!

I had to go shopping for some new hair products because I was completely out of conditioner and creams. Yes, chile, I am no longer a product junkie! Since I've been opting for wash and goes I needed a product for some hold. So I bought IC Olive styling gel. There were 4 kinds of Eco Styler gel available at the Base Exchange (I live overseas as a military dependent) but none with any added oils. So I decided to try IC. I saw it feature on many blogs and youtube videos, so I was excited to try.

I had great results with this product. Great hold, shine, and not flaky!

First Day Hair
Here are the results from last week! I had 4 great days with NO additional products needed after the first day to retain the style including water!

Second Day Hair!

Third Day Hair!

Today I had to wash my hair early in the morning and go! I washed, added about half a palm full of gel for three sections, shook each section, and finished my morning routine with the children. I couldn't diffuse because we were running behind. However when I came home I was able to diffuse and here are the results! I like this gel. It's slightly more costly (about a dollar) than eco styler, but I prefer the results of this gel the best. I love that there is NO flaking and my hair still feels soft but there is a slight hold that keeps my wash and go nice for a few days- even with my workout routine! It also works amazingly well for my daughter's super soft curls! 

I hope this was helpful!!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fun Beauty Tag!

Today I am just going to do a fun Beauty tag that I found via Google. I am a beauty junkie so this should be fun. I tag anyone who reads! If you do it, please let me know in the comments so I can read and comment on your answers!

1. EEK! You’ve got five minutes to do your makeup for a date. What’s your minimum?
Fill in my eyebrows. Even my skin tone with a bit of concealer and set with powder, wear a pop of color on my lips and go super neutral with the eyes with brown shadows and a cat eye with some kick ass mascara.

2. Pick a trend—crazy cat eyeliner, super hot pink blush, or feathered false lashes?
Feathered eyelashes because they're so fun!
3. If you had to either give up all makeup for two months or give up your skincare for a week, which would you pick?
Probably make-up for two months. That would be a long long week without washing/moisturizing. 

4. What beauty products are always in your purse?
5. Are there any beauty products that you keep coming back to throughout the years?
I go back and forth with Shea Moisture Products. I prefer their body line to their hair line. 

6. Smokey eyes or red lips?
Red Lips! A gorgeous matte lip and even skin tone.

7. Lipstick or lip gloss?
Matte lip stick.
8. Are there any products that you never expected to like but ended up loving?
Bronzer. I thought you wouldn't be able to see it on my skin tone, however it's quite incredible and gives me a great glow. Though I live on a tropical island, it get chilly here and I've become quite pale this winter. So the bronzer has brought some life to my face. I use Physician's Formula Dark. However in the summer, it's pretty useless lol.


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