Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites: My Favorite Recipes and Why I Blog

I have been updating this blog off and on for the nearly 2 years. I do not update it regularly because, well, life happens. I am happy for the support of those who's been here from the beginning. Many has come and gone, some have stayed put. THANK YOU!!!!

My sole purpose of blogging: to get folk inspired to get in the kitchen. Even if you don't try my recipe, I'd hope I've inspired you to try something similar, put your own spin on it or just get those pots and pans moving period.

I believe in inspiring others. Maybe to a fault. I share recipes from everyone from my favorite TV Chefs, the "top" bloggers, the bloggers not a lot knows about, heck everyone. I don't discriminate and refuse to fit into any mold. I love and believe in so many! If it gets more folks cooking, I am happy!

I have a bit more time to blog these days thanks to my favorite organization site It has everything from a journal, a to-do list, and a meal plan list! I LOVE it! My house is more organized, and I plan each day with it. And I found I actually have free time where I can do nothing guilt-free. So that's one of the reasons I can be here more often. ;)

The main purpose of this post is to show you some of my favorite recipes you all may have never seen since many of you weren't around those first few months! These also happen to be my very favorites, so I hope you enjoy or try something similar/better/totally no where like it. Have a lovely weekend all!

For Valentine's Day. This is sooo quick and delicious. I am def adding this to my cozi meal planner ;)
Cumin and Coriander Crusted Salmon with Avocado Relish and Rum Roasted Pineapples!
Cumin and Coriander Crusted Salmon over Avocado Relish

Rid those sniffles!
Chicken Curry in a Hurry
Chicken Curry

Quick Dinner. This may be the best thing I've ever eaten. Simple and delicious! And it was all under 30 minutes, including make the wrap!
Quick Homemade Chicken Doner
Faux Chicken Doner Kebab

Kid Pleaser and simple!
Quick Chunky Chicken Korma

I hope you all enjoyed reading this. Thank you all for being awesome!


  1. all your favorites sound incredible! yum! that chicken curry i must make ... and the salmon ... actually i just want to make them all!

    have a great weekend!

  2. p.s. glad that we will be seeing more of you :)

  3. These recipes look super yummy! I enjoy you and your blog! And, you have inspired me through your beautiful pictures of food and fab recipes! So, thank you! Long live your blog!

  4. Umm thanks for making me hungry Sommer! Not that that's a bad thing =)

    I'm always glad to see a new post up from you - trust me, I'm not going anywhere!

  5. you are the reason Im where Im at with cooking. When we first met i remember seeing how everything you made was from scratch and EVERY meal you made looked like a 5 course gourmet dinner. I have tried new things. I have learned to cook from scratch. I have learned to be adventurous. All because of you. You have truly inspired me not just in the kitchen, but as a person. Thanks for being so wonderful. xoxoxo

  6. Mmmm, all of those look fantastic, Sommer! I love the look of the chicken korma. And you have always inspired me, babe!

  7. Beautiful food! You're certainly an inspiration to me. Your writing is crisp and interesting and your photos leave me wanting more! I want to award a Liebster Blogger Award to you (actually, I already have). :) I have linked readers to your site from my blog. Please click over for the details.


  8. All of these dishes look so inviting - thanks for sharing as I am new to your site!

  9. I do have to say you've inspired me to cook more for my family and I have made some of your recipes. Thank you very much.

  10. They all look delicious Sommer - but that salmon ...... yummmm!

  11. You have definitely inspired me in the kitchen! The other day I was making one of your recipes and I realized I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I just started laughing at that realization but I loved every minute of it!

  12. What a delightful list you have here, and that salmon is killer!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, hugs

  13. Great wholesome recipes here Sommer, and you know what... It is not easy to photograph meat dishes either, so you have done a pretty good job. I'm looking forward to our photo session together!

  14. I love the reasons you blog! You're so passionate and open to others' passions as well. I really just love that. And I can see why your favorite recipes are your favorites...they look wonderful! <2


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