Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Randomness Confessions with Less Nipplage

  • I think that the military should fund spouses sex toys and/or batteries for such devices. Ok, before you unfollow me or quickly exit this post, hear me out. Yeah, we miss our husbands or wives for their sheer presence, hugs, helping with kid, etcs...but also making love is a big deal. I know I am a much happier person when I've had a big dose oh my hunk of man. What do you think? Ok, maybe not, but I am writing my congressman to see what happens....
  • To make housecleaning a bit more interesting, I tap my inner Freddie Mercury and housework becomes more fabulous, sexy, and flamboyant. One of my faves are "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. My children are BIG Queen fans now. We sang "We Are the Champions" at the top of our lungs while shopping yesterday. It was awesome.

  • "Come on Mama, when are you going to post an actual recipe?" That will be covered here I promise. As you all may, or may not know, my husband is away doing the military thang. I have been cooking like crazy still, some of you may know this from my Facebook Page. I use it as yet another outlet to talk as much as I want about food. My friends who know me personally know I don't really talk about food openly on FB, because I don't want to come off as being snobbish or bragging. Yeah, that's weird, I figure on Twitter I can do it because most of my 'followers' love food. And my friends who fanned my page of Facebook know I love to cook, and don't mind the posts. Yes, I am a paranoid weirdo. Most the recipes are my own creation that I am aiming to perfect for you all to read and maybe even try.

  •  I made this Saturday evening from basically boiling Italian sausage for 10 minutes just before it's cooked through then sliced.  Then sauteed sausage. Add a little red wine to the pan, then make sauce using  tomato puree and sun-dried tomatoes, fennel seeds,  thyme, oregano lots of garlic, lil chili powder and a lil pasta water. Add sausages, then linguine, and add loads of cheese, I used Pecorino Romano. I made a small amount of tomato sauce as my son does not like red sauces with pasta, but  even HE enjoyed this. So I am quite proud. This is inspired from reading an Italian Sausage burger with Sun-dried tomato pesto that read from Food and Wine. 

  • When I blog, I have to listen to this song. Not sure why. It keeps me focussed and I type the beat while be-bopping my head like a spastic woodpecker. Yes, I am black, and don't have much rhythm. Myth busted!

  • So, I've been cooking like mad, but haven't posted recipes. For me it's harder. My husband usually takes care of the children while I blog. Because usually when I blog food recipes I must be in a zone and focussed. Plus, I know a recipe is really good from my husband. Children are so fickle about things, so when all 3 enjoy a recipe I usually post about it. So lately I've been typing thoughts, inspirations and aspirations. My husband will be home in 2 weeks, so after that time, be prepared for  at least 4 recipes a week again!

  • I am a very open person. I say outrageous things.


  1. Good post!! and lol!! Pasta looks delish!!

  2. I know all about the "zone" you're talking about. I have one kid and sometimes it hard enough with just her! Your sausage and spaghetti meal looks delicious. I make something similar but I don't add red wine to it -- I will now, though :) Beautiful picture!

  3. Just the type of post I needed today :) We love you because you are so open and funny and a great cook and a great mommy and a great person!!! Am hoping the next 2 weeks go by quickly for you ;-)

  4. Like your confession, very honest ;)

  5. On the Atkins diet, so will do your recipe for breakfast without the spaghetti, the wine I'll have in a glass.

    I like your honesty in your blog, it's very refreshing and interesting.

  6. Poor Mama! I'm sure you must miss your husband terribly! It is such a sacrifice he is making for our country and we really do appreciate him and all the others that make us proud!

    I hope somehow you can make it over this way sometime! I'm glad you are finding a way to reach others. Besides I don't always read others for their food.

    Sending a hug!

  7. Great post! I love how you can talk about sex, food, Queen, vibrators, and children in one coherent post. That's what I love about your blog.

    That recipe looks yummy! Sending hugs your way!

  8. Is that Mark Ronsin in the video? He's cute. I know you can't wait for your husband to get back.

  9. That is great that you say how you feel. Let us know what your congressman decides. Ha! It must be so hard without your husband. Try to keep busy if you can as much as possible. Have a great night! The pasta looks yummy!

    Mama Hen

  10. The pasta looks yummy! I heart your thoughts!!

    Have a nice day!

  11. Hi,

    The pasts looks yum yumm...:)



  12. You and I would get along famously, I think. Your pasta looks awesome (we parboil our sausages before cooking too!) and I think you may be on to something with the sex toys...

  13. PS - I forgot to answer your question about my cranberry pecan crescents. To make with sugar, put in 3/4 - 1 cup in place of the erythritol and stevia. And just melt some semi-sweet chocolate with a touch of butter for the dip.

  14. Sommer

    I think you are the female version of me. Open, honest, and unapologetic. Love it. Keep doing your thing!

    Be good

  15. Hey mama. Hope you're hanging in there. Keep cooking and I like reading your randomness.

  16. your post put a smile on my face, love your sincerity.

  17. I can not have the military funding my toys and or batteries you KNOW they would outsource to the lowest bid and I would end up being knocked out because they gave me a plug in one and was shocked. Or the crap batteries that run out after one use....

    In any case the dinner looks epic :)

  18. LOL Sommer!

    Pasta dish looks wonderful.

    Hope the two weeks fly by.

  19. Lisa loving your new photo! Beautiful family!

    Haha Lazaro. Probably why I have a very small group of close friends....and by group I mean 4 people lol. I wish some of you food bloggers lived closer.

    HAHA Mama Hen. Would it be fun if it were to pass, haha.

    Tessie, are you crazy? I don't want the military to buy me the toys. I want money or gift cards to the sex shop of my choice ;)

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. I am a nut :D

  20. 4 recipes a week? I can handle that... hehe... looking forward to see your new recipes! I love and admire an open person!

  21. haha, you are the cutest! i think you should mail your congressman too! lol.

    so happy that your hubby will be back in two weeks ... i love drolling over your dishes!

  22. Check out my blog I passed on a blog award to you!!

  23. Sommer, you crack me up :) I would love to be in the room when your Congressman opens that letter, LOL! Queen Rocks! and it's good you are introducing your babies to good music so early on. Your pasta sounds delicious, I want some . Haha, I'm Latina and I also don't have any rhythm another myth busted I guess. I love your openness an never change who you are! Open and honest with no pc bull is the way I like it. Have a great weekend.


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